life is short. be risky and frisky.

music, motorcycles and less alliteration.


Who I be.

I am a South African born and raised Canadian and Italian citizen. I am a person who lives and promotes culture, so much so I earned a degree in it. I am fascinated by storytelling and driven by creativity. I majored in Culture and Entertainment with a minor in film production at Ryerson University. I am a motorcycle, music and Arsenal enthusiast who thrives in a progressive and fearless environment.

I have worn many hats in the arts and entertainment world starting from my early days as a professional dancer at the Durban Playhouse in South Africa. Whether it be producing photography shows, producing music for film and commercials, directing fashion films, executing marketing campaigns for music promotion companies or overseeing full branding of my favourite bar I have thoroughly enjoyed learning and thinking on the fly. Challenges excite me and fuel my progress as a relentless learner and collaborator.